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 What is going on in Ward 3?....

Revitalization of Hiller Park

I have formed a Hiller Park Commitee which is now considered a Non-Profit.  Which we also won Non-Profit volunteer of the year for 2016.


This committee is to help me develop special events for the community all while keeping prices family affordable. We charge very little for the purpose of raising money to go back into the park for a new playground (Special needs accessible) new restrooms, spalsh pad, new lighting, new basketball and tennis courts, Blueway trail, new pavillion, benches and much more! 

Finally we have our new playground. Two to be exact! One for 2 to 5 year olds and another for 6 to 12 year olds. We also have new swing sets and a policeman car and fireman car. 

Pictures of playground as listed. 

Ribbon Cutting will be held January 28th to honor Alhambra for donating a wheelchair swing! 

Mrs. Beverly Martin, County Supervisor has graciously agreed to install splash pad for us!

We also have applied for a grant to be able to purchase a canopy to cover the playground. 


Thank you to all Sponsors and Volunteers! 

Sidewalk on Atkinson Road to Hiller Park



We now have the much needed sidewalk on Atkinson Road. I would like to thank the City Of Biloxi for working with me as well as Connie Rocko and Windy Swetman, County Supervisors For heping this project come to life. 

The Second Phase of the sidewalk which includes a boardwalk is completed! Hop you enjoy this new addition. 


Roads on paving to do list: 

Atkinson Road

Jim Money Road- completed

Greenwood Drive

Hiller Park in and out of Subdivision-Completed

Iris Drive- completed


Bay Visita Drive

Anita Court 

St. Mary

James Buchannan

Acaica., Mirarmar, Iberville and Wilkes are in the FEMA infrastructure project.

Included is Bent Oaks Lift Station and Mcdonnell Ave lift Station

 Yard Of The Month For Ward 3

I have formed a Yard of the Month committee for ward 3. Each month a resident or a business is awarded this honor. I include their house and yard on my website, Facebook, The Sun Herald, Biloxi-D'Iberville Press and I present them with an award at the council meeting.


Thank you for taking pride in your yard and your community!

 Extending Tax Abatement District 

I am working on a resolution that the tax abatement area will extend to Pass Road. If a business spends so much money that will get a tax abatement which is an incentive to do so. 

Proposed Popps Ferry Bridge and  extension

Brown, Mitchell, and Alexander, Inc. presented to the council the progress on the Popps Ferry Bridge and extension. The cost is estimated to be around $118 Million, therefore requiring federal funding. This project has been in the planning process for years and unfortunately will still be in the planning statgies for around another 15 or so years. There will be a need for purchasing right of ways in the Labonne Terre, Anatole Bay, Tri-County Eye Clinic, and around 75 homes North and South of the proposed bridge.

 Help keep our City Beautiful! 

We have a group that goes around picking up trash in Ward 3. Want to get involved?

See someone litering? Please turn them in to either I or the police department. 

It has to stop now!

New Businesses in Ward 3

The new Walmart Market

Firehouse Subs

The Blue Crabhouse

Peneke Truck rentals

The UPS Store

Edward Jones Investments- Cree Cantrell

Fidelis Realty


Val's Hair Gallery

Shaggy's On the Beach

The EcoGeno Bicycle Repair Shop

The Reef 

Baja Beach 

Pelican Warf and more!

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